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Flashback : Confidences

It's a gorgeous day and for all that he appreciates a peaceful moment, Joe Wilson does really feel the most at home in the heart of a place like this on a weekend afternoon. Since he was small he had taken an interest in simply observing other people, only interjecting in the rare moments when he felt he had something to say, but now grown up and quieter than most he could call that childhood interest a passion.

The park bustles with movement and noise. People walking, dancing, running, talking to each other, singing, shouting. They are each absorbed in their own little microcosm of the world, focused on a task, or a word, or a step, or on another person sharing that one moment of existence with them. Watching them is like watching the wind blow soap bubbles about. He loves the way they collide and cluster, drifting singular and then the next moment connected by a common experience.

Paul taps him on the shoulder, drawing his eyes away from the highschoolers flinging a frisbee back and forth. Tina is warmed up and ready to go. Joey's careful with the flute as he pulls it out of it's case. He does a few quick scales to make sure he hasn't forgotten the keys too readily, then starts off the song. He'd been up a bit too late the night before playing it over and the bridge is still giving him a bit of trouble, but judging from the crowd clustering around Tina as she starts to dance he doubts anyone would notice a missed note.
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