corps_of_death (corps_of_death) wrote in dc_nation,

Everybody's Coming, Leave Your Body (and soul) At the Door

Most of the world's heroes have gathered in Coast City. But the Titans have gathered somewhere else.

The Clearwater Commune is under assault. Trigon has arrived, flanked by a group of Black Lanterns, clearing the surrounding territory. And defending the small population of civilians are the Titans.

Every living Titan.

Even Titans who have long since retired -- Mal Duncan, Bumblebee, Redstar, Pantha, Wildebeest... they're all there.

But now, as those who have died and returned are taken by the black, the Titans quickly find themselves fighting a losing battle of attrition... for every Titan who falls is one more on the side of the enemies.

If things don't turn around soon, the Titans may indeed be together... in death.
Tags: "blackest night", brenda, captain marvel jr., changeling, fauna, gear, kid devil, paco, starfire, tempest, titans, troia
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