Doom Patrol (nation_doomp) wrote in dc_nation,
Doom Patrol

Yes, he's got his own goddamn jet. Yes, he could fly it if he wanted to.

It isn't the point. He's trying for inconspicuous, trying to cross off those last few items on the list, trying to fight time and the universe. He's running out of patience on top of all of it.

He's packed a bag for San Francisco. He's traveling light - change of clothing, a few toiletries, a few days' worth of medication.

And one last item.

He heys in the code on the nearly hidden panel, and it slides open. There it is - gleaming and waiting for him. It's been streamlined and upgraded, but he never could put it back on after Crimelord. He reaches in and picks it up, giving it a spin in his hands for old time's sake.

There's a knock on the door before he can put it on
Tags: "filthy lucre", changeling, diablo, mento, robotman
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