sand_hawkins (sand_hawkins) wrote in dc_nation,

Inside and Outside

After a couple of minutes of working through the vent system, they manage to light down inside the jailing complex.   Sand's a bit annoyed at the amount of time that took...he had gotten used to seeping through cracks and all that...but he presses on.  

Two minutes (and a couple of random guards KOed later), they find the holding area...and those guarding it.  

Roughly a half-dozen armed goons...and two metas.  One of which is REALLY familiar to Sand.  The other he doesn't know, although the size of the female involved indicates possible meta-level strength. 

They're right in front of the door.  "No way around this.  We're gonna have to kick in our ten minute window." Sand whispers.  "Rex, Chimp, do what you can with the woman until Tara blows us an open door to the Mother.  Eve, no matter what, get her out of here, worry about us later.   Leave the other one to me."  He takes a deep breath.  "Ready?"

Tags: "assassin's nation", brainwave, caleb zukov, detective chimp, eve eden, green arrow ollie queen, green shield, hotshot, outsiders, rex the wonder dog, rose wilson, sand
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